Redondo Beach live local lobster

Redondo Beach live local lobster

Live local lobster $32.99 a lb. – Redondo Beach, California

As a young kid in the early 1980’s, Redondo Beach pier was the place to be for fun and entertainment. The pier has changed since it burned out a while back, but the newer pier and surrounding areas have grown with more places to see and eat.

Today, I took a trip out to the pier and for a split second I thought of buying one of these critters. But at $32.99 a lb, I don’t think so, plus I really don’t like seafood, other than tuna. I know, I know, it’s healthier and taste good. The second reason doesn’t apply to me, because no matter how many times I try seafood, it’s a taste I can’t swallow. And I mean that literally.

St. Patrick’s Day Festival at the Orange County Market Place

Aniar Irish Dancers Orange County Marketplace

Aniar Academy of Irish Dance at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival – Orange County Market Place

I took this photo earlier today at the OC MarketPlace swap meet in Costa Mesa, during the 5th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival. The event is held in the Swap Meet, next to the center food/restaurant building. As usual, the Marketplace was alive with vendors and shoppers.

The Market Place is nice, but today the entertainment was an extra treat. My only complaint would be the location of the stage. The area for spectators was small and limited. These entertainers were great, especially the dancers from the Aniar Academy, so the small area was not big enough to accommodate all those in attendance. Hopefully next year they can give them a bigger stage and viewing area.

Long Beach Shoreline Rainbow Marina Lions Lighthouse for Sight

Long Beach Shoreline Marina Lighthouse

Long Beach Shoreline Rainbow Harbor Marina Lions Lighthouse for Sight.

At the Long Beach Shoreline Rainbow Harbor Marina there is a lighthouse, just east of the Aquarium of the Pacific, you can’t miss it. It was dedicated in December of 2000 and partially funded by the Long Beach Lions Club, however the city of Long Beach runs this building, which by the way is a non functioning light house.

It’s a beautiful view of the marina, you can see the Queen Mary, Shoreline Village, the Convention Center and of course the Aquarium of the Pacific. My wife and I like to park at Shoreline Village, have dinner then walk to the lighthouse for exercise. I must be adding a little weight so this is her way of gently telling me I need to exercise.

There’s always things to see and do here, so we visit often. Also, the Aquarium of the Pacific has promotions every month, for example, every year in March they offer free admission to teachers, not bad. My wife and I have also taken a speed boat trip from this marina. Although short, just 45 minutes, several years later we still talk about it. I guess it’s creating memories that count in life.

Kite festival in Huntington Beach

huntington beach kite festival 2011

The Huntington Beach Kite Party festival is going on this weekend March 11-12.

In the city of Huntington Beach, next to the famous pier, a Kite Party festival will take place this weekend. Hundreds of people as well as professional kite teams will flood the beach showing off their skills. I was at the HB Pier yesterday and they had already cleared off the north side of the pier for the professionals.

The best place to see this event are from the north side of the pier, next to the Kite Connection, which I think sponsors the festival. Or you can see it from the pavilion (steps next to the pier).

It’s also a great place to take some photos and video. I recall teams of kite fliers would perform to music, pretty cool site.

Event starts at about 11 am, but it seems everyone brings a kite and flies them all along the beach, it’s a pretty colorful site. Oh yeah, and although the tsunami in Japan hit last night and the beaches here in California are closed today, they will be open this weekend for the event.

I plan on attending the event with my wife, I’ll be the one with a kite and a camera hanging from my shoulder! 😉

Huntington Beach surfer in a headstand

Huntington Beach surfer in a headstand

A Huntington Beach surfer balancing himself in a headstand.

People come from all over the world to see and photograph the surfers at Surf City, Huntington Beach. Yesterday I took a walk on the pier to do the same. A good viewing area is located next to the life guard tower, about the midway point of the pier.

There were at least 15 surfers in that area, using both short and longboards. One surfer managed to do a few headstands while balancing himself on the board. He quickly got the attention of several spectators, including myself!

I captured the above photo with a Nikon D7000 and a 80-200mm 2.8D AF lens. Camera settings were: ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/1000 second shutter speed, and 135mm focal length (217mm in 35mm focal length).

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