Colorful Casa de Wrightington – Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego arts and crafts store

Colorful ceramic animals and skull at Casa de Wrightington in Old Town San Diego.

While at the Casa de Wrightington in Old Town San Diego, I came across this colorful display of ceramic animals. The skull simply enhanced the ensemble so I made sure to include it.

This display was just outside of the Wrightington building and from what I remember, this area is where they normally have a Day of the Dead display, which was to the left of this table.

Old Town San Diego is very well maintained and looks just as it did from 1820’s to early 1900’s, so it’s perfect for taking unique photos. If you recall, last year I posted a photo of the Mason Street School, a place I always visit when I’m in that area.

Yellow Chevy Panel truck on fire – 55 fwy

yellow Chevy Panel truck

Chevy Panel truck on fire – 55 fwy

Earlier today, as I drove home from Huntington Beach, traffic was very slow on the 55 fwy due to a car fire, which looked to be a yellow Chevy Panel truck. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure the occupants got out safely.

It was a warm day, but I’m sure that didn’t cause the fire, if you notice the hood, it’s being held up, which means the occupants had time to pull over and open it. But who knows what actually caused the fire. Either way I would say the owner of this truck is not having a good day.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station off I-5

san onofre nuclear plant

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), off Interstate 5 Fwy.

While taking a drive down to San Diego today, my wife took this quick snapshot of the San Onofre nuclear power plant. With all the troubles Japan is going through with their nuclear reactor after the terrible earthquake and tsunami, this local power plant in the southern California area has recently become big news.

As a kid, whenever we drove by this area, I knew it was a nuclear power plant, but always thought it was too far from where I lived to cause any problems if something went wrong. Now as an adult I know that anyone who lives within 50 miles of this place, if something should go wrong, can be in danger.

From what I know, unit 1 is no longer in service, it closed down in 1992. However, units 2 & 3 are still in service. The power plant is primarily owned by Southern California Edison and if you want to play next to the plant, you can because the San Onofre State Park is right next to it!

What happened to the old Long Beach Pike Park?

old Long Beach Pike

Not the Old Long Beach Pike…just a parking lot.

The Pike in Long Beach, currently a small area located across from the convention center with several restaurants and a few stores. Many people may not know why the facade of the parking has the style of an old building. It’s a reminder of what was, a large amusement park area with the largest roller coaster of it’s time, the Cyclone.

The Pike ran from 1902-1979, the Cyclone closed in the late 1960’s. As a kid in the early 70’s, I recall visiting the Pike, by then it was old and run down. Attendance was always low and seems it was used more often by the filming studios for shows like The Six Million Dollar Man and Starky & Hutch.

This site gives a nice overview of the Pike’s history, with photos and personal memories of this once magical place. It even includes the story of the dead body discovered on a ride during the filming of the Six Million Dollar Man, a news story I recall as a young child.

The Spirit of Los Angeles statue at The Grove

Bronze statue at The Grove

The Spirit of Los Angeles bronze statue at The Grove.

I went to The Grove in LA and thought I would take a picture of something different. This is a bronze statue of a male and a female angel soaring upwards towards the sky.

The bronze Angel’s wingspan is 10 feet wide and stands 18 feet high. It sits on top of a 22 foot hand limestone column, according to website.

As I sat there having lunch, Kim Kardashian passed me by, which gave me an idea. Since creating statues seems to be in decline in the last 50-75 years, maybe they can use Kim as a sit in model! Maybe it can create a new statue renaissance…or maybe not. 😉

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