Big Red Balloon at the OC Great Park

OC Great Park

Big Red Balloon at the OC Great Park

I really don’t like heights, especially if the only thing holding me and a dozen others from flying away is a steel cable! But I must admit, the balloon ride at the OC Great Park is a lot of fun, oh and it also helps that it’s free. Have I mentioned I like free stuff? 🙂 Plus the park is a nice place to take unique photos.

The wait on the weekends can be a little long, but not during the week, that’s fairly quick. I didn’t keep time, but you’re up there for about 10-15 minutes. More than enough time to take pictures and look for your tiny home if you live near there.

On a clear day, I’ve seen Catalina Island and the downtown LA buildings. My next time up will probably be at sunset, maybe this summer.

Alondra Hot Wings, best wings in Southern California

Alondra Hot Wings restaurant

Alondra Hot Wings – The best in all of southern California.

Made a special trip to the City of Paramount, no I don’t know anyone there, no I don’t do any shopping there, but this is where the newest restaurant of Alondra Hot Wings opened up. Why make the trip 30 minute trip from the OC to this place? Simply put, the Hot Wings! My wife and I have had many discussions (yes it’s that good) regarding what makes the wings so good, is it the dipping sauce or hot wing sauce? Both seem to be original recipes, so it’s probably both.

I simply love the food here. My first experience to their great food was more than four years ago in Montebello. They had just opened up a small place on Whittier Blvd. They didn’t even have a liquor license yet, but the that didn’t matter, the food was great.

With it’s New York mobster gangster theme and lively atmosphere, I was hooked. Three years ago when I moved to Orange County, one of the things I missed was the Chicken Philly Works Sandwich with a side of Hot Wings from Alondra. Maybe one day they’ll open up a restaurant in the OC? Hint, hint! 😉

Mystery Shack at Calico Ghost Town

mystery shack calico ghost town

The Mystery Shack – Calico Ghost Town

Most people have driven by this ghost town, usually on their way to or from Las Vegas. Heading northeast on the 15 fwy, on your left side just past Barstow, the large “Calico” letters are mounted on the desert mountainside.

This town is now a tourist attraction, but in the late 1890’s, it was a thriving silver mining town. The buildings and surroundings bring back memories of old western movies. The place is host of several events, this past weekend was no exception, it was the Just Cruisin 4 Fun Car Show.

As people were out enjoying the cars, this little boy seemed more interested in the Mystery Shack. Perhaps he was trying to figure out how the water in this tilted house can flow uphill!

California Adventure World of Color night show

California Adventure world of color

California Adventure World of Color night show

One of the pleasures of living in Southern California is the proximity to the Disneyland resort. Last night I took the kids to California Adventure for their World of Color night show.

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you make it a priority next time you visit the park. It’s true what they say, the lights seem to come alive! A very creative show and a hit with my kids, they always love seeing it. Which I’m sure we’ll be doing it again very soon.

Because the show takes place at night, it’s a little difficult to take pictures, however I was able to capture this nice colorful moment in the show. Using my Blackberry, I was able to include Micky’s Fun Wheel and the water light show in the same frame.

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Sax performer at the Huntington Beach Pier

sax performer huntington beach pier

Sax performer at Huntington Beach Pier.

On any given day, one can find a variety of performers at the Huntington Beach pier, like this very colorful sax player. Not only does he play a cool tune, he also signs a little for a dollar or two.

I’ve got to hand it to street performers, they have guts, I couldn’t do it. Showing my talent or lack of talent to perfect strangers would be a nightmare. I sat and watched this guy for at least 15 minutes, I think he got about two dollars during that time. If he averaged two dollars every fifteen minutes, he’s looking at $8 an hour. The minimum wage in California is $7.36 right now, so he’s doing what he loves and earning more than the minimum wage.

Money or no money, street performers are interesting people and this sax player is no exception. I’m sure this weekend he’ll do much better with tips since the 2011 Huntington Beach Paintball competition is going on.

Oh, and you got love the colorful hat!

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