Kite flying on a windy day in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach kite flying

Kite flying on a windy day in Huntington Beach.

It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun. Today I spent 12 hours at the beach, we started at 9am and ended with a bonfire at 8pm. I can’t recall the last time I spent this much time at the beach, but it was fun.

The day before I went out in search of the perfect kite. To my surprise, kites are not easy to find anymore. Target, CVS and Walmart stores where all fails, nothing except the usual kid kites! My wife and I were very surprised.

Finally, I found a 5 ft wide wingspan kite shaped like a Blue Angel Jet. Yes, that’s me in the image, my wife took the picture. After a few tries, I got the hang of it, but later in the day the wind picked up and it became difficult to hold on. The stress of the kite pulling the strings became very strong, the handles began to bend as the wind intensified.

I survived and so did the kite. Overall it was a beautiful day at Huntington Beach. I can’t wait for next year’s Huntington Beach Kite Party!

Opuntia flower from the Nopal cactus

Opuntia flower

Opuntia flower from the nopal “paddle” cactus next to my home.

My wife and I take a daily walk after dinner around the neighborhood, but today I brought my camera to show you this large nopal or as some people call it “paddle” cactus plant. The main image above is a close up of the Opuntia flower growing from the cactus. Here is a wide angle view, showing the large area.

The nopal cactus is edible and found in many Mexican dishes. There’s also the Opuntia fruit, which instead of the flower is a prickly round edible fruit that is sometimes called a “prickly pear” or in Spanish “tuna”, go figure.

This group of nopal plants are hidden away in our neighborhood, they border the river in a common area, but are blocked by bushes and a fence. However, it seems a few people know about it’s location as I’ve seen a few people harvest the ripe nopales.

Long Beach Rainbow Harbor Lions Lighthouse

Long Beach light house

Long Beach Rainbow Harbor Lions Lighthouse.

I’ve photographed this lighthouse numerous times, located on the loop south of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It’s a place visited by hundreds of tourists and locals every weekend. Back in March, I posted a picture of the Long Beach lighthouse, but from a different angle.

My wife and I love coming here, actually we park on the opposite side of the marina and walk over, its a nice walk with lots of views. From the lighthouse you get a 360 degree view of Long Beach, from the famous Queen Mary to the Convention Center and Long Beach skyline.

We always go during the day, perhaps next time we’ll take a night trip out to the lighthouse and take pictures of the night lights!

Banjo player at the Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier

Banjo player at the Huntington Beach Pier.

This street performer at the Huntington Beach Pier is one of many that can be found any day of the week. I watched him play for several minutes, although he was very good, he didn’t get too many tips. He was better than the other performers that day so I wonder how much he actually made.

I don’t think street performers/musicians do it only for the money, I’m assuming it’s the thrill of playing for people and getting some positive feedback. Oh, and yes I did give him a tip! What about you? Do you stop and listen to street performers or just walk by?

By the way, the original photo was in color, but I felt the image would look better in B&W, so I desaturated the image and added a second layer to give it a little crispier feel.

Female surfer at Surf City USA – Huntington Beach

huntington beach

Female surfer at Surf City USA – Huntington Beach.

There’s a reason why Huntington Beach is called “Surf City USA“, any day of the week one can find dozens if not hundreds of surfers at the beach. Don’t think surfing is only for males either, I captured this young woman surfing with the big boys.

In fact, this girl was making the best out of every wave, big or small. They always say surfers are in search of the perfect wave, the truth is many of them spend about 50% of the time in the water waiting. This girl did very little waiting, she would catch every wave that came her way. In fact the wave she rode on the image above was very small. Yet she made the most of it and caught some air, allowing me capture her in this nice action shot.

By the way, if you’re wondering how I took this photo. She was surfing off the side of the Huntington Beach pier, which is where I was standing. Using a Nikon 80-200mm 2.8D AF-ED lens made it fairly easy.

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