Bronze sculptures of Jackie and Mack Robinson

bronze sculptures Centennial Square Pasadena

Bronze sculptures of Jackie and Mack Robinson at Centennial Square in Pasadena.

At Centennial Square in Pasadena, it’s impossible to miss the two large bronze portrait heads of baseball icon Jackie Robinson and his brother, Olympic athlete Mack Robinson. Dedicated in November 6, 1997,  each bronze sculpture stands 9ft by 6 ft by 7ft and weigh in at 2,700 lbs each!

The entire monument was finally completed on June 20, 2002 when they finished the granite tile ring around the sculptures. This entire area is very beautiful, nice landscaping and beautiful green trees surround the sculptures.

I’ll be working in this area for the next few days so I may upload more gems from Pasadena!

Orange County Fair 2011 fried food

food vendors oc fair

Chicken Charlies fried food vendor at the 2011 Orange County Fair.

Last night the wife and I were looking for OC Fair deals, as each year we make sure it’s part of our summer plans. Because of the day-time heat, we decided to go after 4pm. Choosing to go later in the day turned out to be a great call.

This year, the OC Fair theme is “Lets Eat” and if you’re familiar with “fair” food, it includes lots of fried foods. Seems every year the food vendors push the limit of deep fried foods. I mean, some of these are actually pretty funny, like the Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich or the fried Kool-Aid balls. Chicken Charlies is one of the veterans of the OC Fair food vendors, so it’s today’s picture of the day.

Sunset at Telegraph Rd and Atlantic Blvd in East LA

downtown los angeles

At sunset in the intersection of Telegraph Rd and Atlantic Blvd in East LA.

The smell of coffee got me out of bed this morning. My mind was racing with things I needed to do before I headed out, however the rush from the caffeine made it feel like 100 things. After several stops in Alhambra and San Fernando Valley I finally made it to the office in Santa Monica, it was 10am and the day was just starting.

For the next eight hours I went into auto mode, examining, imputing and looking at numbers. Double checking work, making sure all is correct. Some people think “auto mode” is great, being able to multi-task while at the same time mentally reviewing the other aspects of life. If you’ve ever sat in front of 20 TV sets, all showing different movies at the same time and following the stories of each, then you know how it feels.

Unfortunately life doesn’t turn off all the TV’s at once, that’s up to me.

However, this day was different. On my way home I drove by the intersection of Telegraph Rd and Atlantic Blvd in East LA, this sunset view instantly pulled the plug on 19 TV sets. Only one was left on, so I took a picture of it.

Giant Smurf at the Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica Place

Giant inflatable Smurf at the Santa Monica Place.

As the new Smurf’s movie nears, it seems Smurf promotional ads are showing up everywhere. But this giant inflatable Smurf at the Santa Monica Place beats them all.

Like the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the movie GhostBusters, this two story inflatable Smurf greets eager shoppers in the courtyard. I must admit, for a few seconds I wanted to run away like Bill Murray in the movie. But It’s large white and blue colors do seem to lighten up the area. Plus the large size made ME feel like a Smurf!

There’s one thing that can be said about this inflatable Smurf, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees this week, I’d say it’s full of hot air! 😉

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