Cuddling Couple at Sunset


Cuddling couple sitting on a ledge at sunset in Los Angeles

The weather Southern California has been beautiful these past several days, so I packed up my camera and headed out for a day of pictures. I know, sunset silhouette images have been done to death, there easy to take and are all over the internet. Well, here is my contribution to the million plus images of a cuddling couple at sunset!

For those beginners who want to re-create a shot like this, here are the steps:

  1. Best if using a DSLR or a Point & Shoot camera with an AE option.
  2. Get behind your subject, with the sun facing the front side of the person you plan photograph. (You-Subject-Sun)
  3. Make sure you and the camera are on the shadow of the person you are photographing.
  4. Zoom into your dark subject and allow the camera to set the exposure.
  5. Press and hold the AE button on your camera.
  6. Zoom out while holding the AE button and frame your image.
  7. Press shutter while still holding the AE button.
  8. Smile and show off your image on Facebook!
Have you contributed to the ever growing cuddling couple at sunset photo collection? 🙂

Planking at the Griffith Observatory


Planking at the Griffith Observatory at sunset.

Earlier today while visiting the Griffith Observatory with my wife, we noticed two guys setting up for a risky and very dangerous planking stunt. One was the “plankee” (?) and the other was setting up to take the photo. It required the guy to climb over a wall and down a roof while his friend took the image from my right (off the right side of the image, not shown).

I noticed the two setting up, so I quickly positioned myself for the shot. A security guard came just before he was going to jump over, so he waited. But as soon as he was gone, the stunt started. He jumped over the wall and ran over to the ledge. He “planked” for about five to eight seconds at the most. I managed to get five shots with my Nikon D7000 and on-camera flash. I’m assuming his friend also captured the moment with his camera.

Because there is a security (seen on the upper right side of the photo), the security guard quickly returned. The two men casually left the roof of the observatory and blended with the visitors. I walked over to the north side of the roof, facing the front of the observatory and the two men were casually walking away. Seemed like a risky but successful planking operation.

I don’t know who these two men were, nor do I endorse EVER doing something like this at the Griffith Observatory, as any small slip could have easily turned this innocent stunt into a story on the 11 o’clock news!

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