Triceratops at the Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum of LA

Triceratops at the Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

I’m walking through time or at least that’s how it seems. Except for the few people in the background, staring at these large skeletons reminds me of…Land of the Lost! Yup, that old TV show when I was growing up where a family of three accidentally traveled back in time. Maybe Chaka is right around the corner?

Anyways, this is a Triceratops at the Natural History Museum of LA. They have a fairly new Dinosaur Hall with some very impressive exhibits. Kids especially would love it, although I suspect many schools have day trips already to this museum.

I was packing light, capturing this image with my HTC MyTouch 4G Slide cell phone. Yeah I know, cell phones are not real cameras, but you know what they say…the best camera is the one that’s with you!

Kite Party at Huntington Beach 2012

Huntington Beach 2012

Huntington Beach Kite Party 2012 Day One

Today was the first day of the HB Kite Party, they call it a “non-festival”, since it’s more like a large party with some pretty cool kite flying.

I spent a couple of hours admiring the skill of these people, it really is amazing. They can move the kites in any direction and stop them in a dime. They cross each other’s lines and yup they don’t get all tangled up!

This time I’m going to share more than one photo, hope that’s ok. 🙂 I took so many pictures it would be a shame not to share them. Especially since many of these kite participants came from all over the U.S.

I won’t be able to attend the second day, but you can see the rest of today’s pictures below.
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Huntington Beach Kite Party 2012 Practice Session

Huntington Beach

Practicing for the 2012 Kite Party in Huntington Beach

Saturday March 10, 2012 is the official start of the Kite Party (non-festival) in Huntington Beach so I was sure to find a few photo opportunities as they practiced. Apparently they come from all over the US for this two day event.

The weather was perfect, in the low to mid 70’s at the beach and a nice breeze. There was so much happening out at HB today, a Jr surfing competition, beach goers and of course all these kite enthusiasts.

People stood on the north side of the pier to watch the practice sessions. I captured the picture above from the pier, as another photographer was giving them instructions down from the sand.

For those interested in the specs: captured with a Nikon D7000 and 80-200mm 2.8 lens. Settings were 80mm at f/5, 2000/s and ISO 200. As for the kites, don’t know exactly what kind they are, but you can visit the Kite Connection which hosts the event or check out a few online here. There is also information over at OC Great Deals about this event.

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