38 Degrees Bar & Grill after $425,000 in ARA assistance

38 degrees bar and grill alhambra

Alhambra Redevelopment Agency (ARA)provided $425,000 in assistance to 38 Degrees Bar & Grill

There’s a big debate about redevelopment agencies in cities across California, one such debate for the Alhambra Redevelopment Agency is going on right now at alhambrasource.org. It’s a good read even if you’re not from the Alhambra, issues like this affect everyone in California.

As for the photo? Well it shows how ARA’s $425K assistance to the 38 Degrees Bar & Grill enhanced the building and look of this corner. You know what I think? Some of that money should have been spent to fix those ugly pot holes in the street!

Instead of a sloppy patch job, why not do it right and repave the street? But then again, I guess getting a flat and denting a rim by slamming into one of those right after a rain storm and spending $200 to fix is not their problem. Or is it? Ok, enough of my ramblings. I do however like the photo, not because of the $425K spent on the building, but due to my awesome photography skills! 😉


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  • I can curse on this blog right?

    $425K to redevelop THAT POS? You wonder why Cali is eliminating CRAs. This is pure hogwash and reeks of pork barreling at the City level. One must wonder what the hell a local restaurant (which probably didn’t cost $450K to built-out) did to deserve the “redevelopment grant”.

    Finally, obligatory food blogger thought: I sincerely hope 38Deg took some of that 425K and “redeveloped” its menu. Overpriced, barely edible slop.

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