Alhambra Butterfly Looking at its Shadow or is it?


Butterfly looking at its shadow in Alhambra…or is it?

As I was leaving this morning for work in Alhambra, I noticed this orange/red spot on the pavement. Getting a closer look, it was no spot, but a very still and colorful butterfly.

I was able to get so close to it that at first glance it appeared to be dead. After watching it a while I noticed the wings move slightly.

It seemed to be watching its own shadow, as though it was waiting for something. But what? If it continued there, surely a person or car would kill it. People are mean that way. Well, not mean, simply in a hurry I guess.

I took out my myTouch Slide 4G Android Phone camera and snapped this quick photo. As I walked over to my truck, I passed an area that was in the shade…brrrr, it was cold and I realized what the butterfly was doing. Laying in the warm pavement, spreading its wings allow it to capture the warmth of the sun rays and the rising heat of ground.

If only we all had wings…


Nacho is a car nut, constant traveler and photo contributor. Currently using a Nikon D5100 DSLR. "I'm not a pro, I just take pictures like one!"

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  • Gunn White

    Love it!

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