Kyle LeDuc 99 at the Grand Prix of Long Beach

Long Beach Grand Prix

Kyle LeDuc at Long Beach Grand Prix

Last weekend the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach was in full swing and @crna6pk and and I spent the day photographing all the cool cars and special events. Early in the morning, from the Pike parking structure, we noticed Lyle LeDuc rounding one of the corners with his truck pretty mangled up. But from the photo above you can see he was still able to drive it with no problems.

The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach keeps getting better and better each year, you never really know who you’ll run into. For example, on Friday I was able to get a nice shot of Alfonso Ribeiro and Robert Patrick for my OCPix instagram account.

Both Alfonso and Robert were part of the Celebrity Race on Saturday, in fact, Alfonso went on to win that race for the 3rd time.

Overall, it’s a fun weekend that I look forward to each year.

Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon Runners

Shore Line Drive

View of the runners at the Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon

Earlier today, 20+ thousand runners and bike riders participated in the Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon (they also had a 20 mile bike ride option). I was there to support my wife who ran her first half marathon at a respectable time of 1 hour and 59 minutes.

While she was passing up runners left and right, I was out taking photos of the event. The view above was taken from the overpass that extends from the Rainbow Harbor to the Long Beach Convention Center. The local fire department hung a giant American Flag near the path of the runners, which created a nice setup for a photo.

It’s not uncommon to see celebrities or other well known people run in these events, today was no exception. While walking along the course, somewhere around mile 6, I noticed someone who is well known in the tabloid media, it was Nadya Suleman, otherwise known as the Octomom. She was running in the pack and later I noticed her at the finish line.

She kept her head down, as to avert making eye contact with anyone. Probably so they wouldn’t recognize her.

Overall, it was a fun morning and event.

Long Beach Hyatt Regency Lagoon Reflection

Reflection on water

The Hyatt Regency in Long Beach on Pine Ave – The Lagoon Reflection

I’m a little late in posting this, but this was taken a few days ago during the Long Beach Grand Prix. It was early in the morning, Nacho and I were walking around looking for the Tecate private hospitality tent, when we noticed the reflection of the Hyatt Regency on the water.

It was perfect timing, because later in the day the wind created too many ripples giving it a completely different look. This photo was taken at 7:38 am, it’s true what they say, early mornings and late evenings are the best time to take photos.

I am happy to say that we found the hospitality tent and had a great time at the Grand Prix. Lots of food and drinks, plus we were able to take a variety of photos, including the kind you see here.

For those interested in the camera settings, it was: f/4 at 1/2500 (handheld), ISO 160 at 18mm, camera set to Aperture Priority. Taken with a Nikon D7000.

Man uses jacket to create outdoor office in Long Beach

Funny laptop viewing setup

Man uses jacket to create his own outdoor “office” in Long Beach!

I was taking a walk along Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach when I noticed this man sitting with a brown jacket draped over his head. Initially, I thought it was part of some act or a movie/photo shoot. Nope, it was a guy using it so he could view his laptop outdoors. Yes, that’s a laptop under there!

This area is a tourist spot, located next to the Aquarium, so there were lots of people walking by puzzled at what he was doing. I walked away and 20 minutes later when I passed him again, yes, he was still there.

I wonder what was so important to see on that laptop? I have a few theories:

  • He won the lottery and was trying to hide it from his family?
  • He misunderstood his boss when told to work “out on the field”.
  • He was a spy from another country and this was a technique taught at “Covert Operations 101”.
  • He was updating his Facebook account.
  • He was writing a blog post on how to create your own office outdoors.

Whatever he was doing, it was important enough for him to forget his left sock. I just hope he wasn’t using it as a sock puppet with his left hand, I’d be upset at myself for not waiting longer to take a picture of that!

Sometimes people do the funniest things.

Blue Mustang Fastback at the Long Beach Hi Performance Swap Meet

Long Beach Hi Performance Swap Meet

A blue Mustang Fastback at the Long Beach Hi Performance Swap Meet on a rainy day.

Once again the rain minimized the crowds at the Long Beach Hi Performance Swap Meet. I was skeptical in bringing my DSLR out for fear of it getting wet. However, I’m glad I did because this Mustang Fastback was waiting for me to take it’s picture.

The weather lately has been crazy in Southern California, one day it’s 80 degrees, then a few days later it’s in the 40’s and raining. Yesterday morning at the swap meet, it finally stopped raining allowing everyone to get a couple of hours of business.

Normally in this lot there are many cars out on display, some for sale others just for show. Towards the end of the morning only a few cars were out. This Mustang stood out in the cold wet lot.

I used a wide shot, focal length of 18mm at 100-ISO, f/13 and 250/sec. Because of the gloomy day the color of the car was a little underexposed so I adjusted the exposure a little in post-work. Shooting in overcast days is easy, but when you get the sun peaking in and out of the clouds, then that’s when it’s tricky.

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