Redondo Beach live local lobster

Redondo Beach live local lobster

Live local lobster $32.99 a lb. – Redondo Beach, California

As a young kid in the early 1980’s, Redondo Beach pier was the place to be for fun and entertainment. The pier has changed since it burned out a while back, but the newer pier and surrounding areas have grown with more places to see and eat.

Today, I took a trip out to the pier and for a split second I thought of buying one of these critters. But at $32.99 a lb, I don’t think so, plus I really don’t like seafood, other than tuna. I know, I know, it’s healthier and taste good. The second reason doesn’t apply to me, because no matter how many times I try seafood, it’s a taste I can’t swallow. And I mean that literally.

A step forward towards happiness

A step forward in the sand

Taking a step forward isn’t always easy. Obstacles, either physical, emotional or psychological can stop one from enjoying life to the fullest. Focus on the positive and that step forward will lead you to happiness.

A good book that has helped many people take that first step is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive. I normally don’t read these type of books, but I’ve read this one. The collective stories are inspiring and motivational.

Have a great day!

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