Christmas Lights at St. Albans Road in San Marino

Holiday Lights

Spectacular Christmas Lights at St. Albans Road in San Marino

Earlier today as I drove home from a long day at work, a quick detour took me to a very popular street during the Christmas season, St. Albans Rd in San Marino. Each year the trees are all decorated with Christmas lights making it a perfect place to drive or walk at night. It looked so cool that I had to stop and capture a few photos.

On a side note, a several weeks ago I upgraded my camera from a regular point and shoot to a full size DSLR, I’m now sporting a cool Nikon D5100! It’s a big jump from what I had before, but I’m loving all the new features.

Plus, it’s great in low light. Can you believe I shot the photo above at 1000 ISO? There’s hardly any noise/grain whatsoever. I couldn’t do that with my small compact camera. So expect to see many more images from me!

San Marino foliage

San Marino foliage

The small city of San Marino is so green this time of year. This is one of the few cities I’ve visited where all the streets are extra wide. Wish I lived here, but according to Wikipedia, as of July 2010, the median list price of a single family home costs $1,987,500! So the best I can do is only to drive through it. 😉

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