Red Bull X-Fighters motocross demonstration in Venice Beach

Red Bull X-Fighters demonstration

Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross demonstration in Venice Beach

The Red Bull X-Fighters held a motocross demonstration at the Venice Beach boardwalk in anticipation of the main event at Glen Helen Raceway on May 11.  During my lunch break I headed out with my camera and captured this shot of the action.

The Venice Boardwalk is a little crazy on a normal day, but this day it was buzzing with excitement. While the rest of the world worked, everyone here was just having fun. These guys were good and as you can see they didn’t need any wings to fly, they were doing it old school…with a bike and a ramp.

The three riders were Wes Agee , Keith Sayers and Rich Kearns.

Overall it was a pretty cool to see these guys perform the jumps in this area of Venice. Plus it gave me a chance to test out my longer camera lens and take some action shots.

Everyone needs a little “Touch of Venice”

Everyone needs a little “Touch of Venice

I headed over to Venice Beach for a late dinner when I came upon this cool mural called “Touch of Venice”. I’ve seen it during the day, but didn’t really notice it as much as I did tonight. The night sky seemed to frame the mural perfectly, especially from the angle I took the photo above.

You can see (from a different angle) that the mural, created by the artist Jonas Never, covers the side of Danny’s Deli on Windward Avenue. I had to walk into the parking lot in order to get the frontal view of the wall.

There’s a quote on the left side of the mural that reads, “Like a dream I remember from an easier time…“.

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