Oxen at the OC Fair

Oxen at the OCFair

Oxen at the OC Fair

The oxen at the OC Fair are always popular with the visitors. These animals are big! The caretakers brought each ox out at a time into the open area.

They carefully placed the wooden harness on both of them and the crowd was allowed to get near them. They seemed very easily controlled.


I’m no expert on oxen, so I headed over to Wikipedia and found out exactly why they are so easily controlled. Castration! Yikes.

These oxen were very tall, just as tall as their caretakers. I believe they normally have them in the big red barn at the entrance of the fair grounds, but during the fair they bring them to the back with the rest of the livestock.

Photographing the animals at the OC Fair

Each year my wife and I take a trip to the OC Fair, no we don’t each the chocolate covered bacon or fried Twinkies. But we do enjoy walking around and looking at all the exhibits.

Plus, it’s a great place to take pictures. I don’t carry my full gear, only my Nikon DSLR and one simple lens.

In the past I’ve focused on the food or in one case the large sign at the Arts and Crafts exhibit.  But this year, I spent a little time photographing the animals. And one of the first I chose was the Oxen at the OC Fair.

For the photo above I got down a little low. I wanted my angle of view to be just below the oxen’s eyes. Shooting slightly upwards is much better in this particular case. I’m 6ft tall, so if I shot it at my level, the animal would look big, but it’s size would really be lost. So I quickly got low as they were moving the oxen and one of them looked straight into my camera. Almost as if he was posing!

Overall, we had a great time with the oxen at the OC Fair. I’ll share more images from that day on a different article.

Large INSPIRE Exhibit at the OC Fair

large sign

What inspires your imagination? – Taken at the Orange County Fair’s Culinary & Crafts exhibit inside the OC Promenade.

It’s that time of the year again, when the county fair is in full swing. The 2013 OC Fair started this past weekend and it didn’t disappoint.  As usual the crazy and fatty foods were everywhere to be found, but this time my wife and I spent most of our time in the exhibit halls.

The visual arts exhibit was great, they even had a small (and free) Photoshop lecture for those that needed a refresher course or simply wanted to sit in an air conditioned hall.

In the OC Promenade area where the Culinary & Crafts exhibit was located, we found this awesome and large setup with the words “Inspire”. My wife insisted I take a photo of it and I did. It was about twelve ft tall and over 15 ft wide, so it was a large piece. Luckily, we were there in the morning and the crowds were light enough that I didn’t get anyone walking by.

I did pump up the colors just a bit on Photoshop, but that was all. Whoever put this exhibit together did a fantastic job.

Orange County Fair 2011 fried food

food vendors oc fair

Chicken Charlies fried food vendor at the 2011 Orange County Fair.

Last night the wife and I were looking for OC Fair deals, as each year we make sure it’s part of our summer plans. Because of the day-time heat, we decided to go after 4pm. Choosing to go later in the day turned out to be a great call.

This year, the OC Fair theme is “Lets Eat” and if you’re familiar with “fair” food, it includes lots of fried foods. Seems every year the food vendors push the limit of deep fried foods. I mean, some of these are actually pretty funny, like the Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich or the fried Kool-Aid balls. Chicken Charlies is one of the veterans of the OC Fair food vendors, so it’s today’s picture of the day.

Handmade large birdhouse at the OC MarketPlace

handmade large birdhouse

Colorful handmade large birdhouse – OC MarketPlace.

While at the OC Marketplace swapmeet, I noticed these interesting birdhouses. The gentlemen selling them said it’s hand made by his wife. They had several designs, all in various colors. But these two-story birdhouses were the most interesting.

I’ve never had a birdhouse, let alone built one, so I can only imagine how much work goes into one of these. With seven rooms (holes) and only a one time mortgage payment of $199 (cost of the birdhouse) I’d say it’s a bargain!

I didn’t get the name of the seller or if they had a website. I tried to find them online so I could link to their site, but no such luck. If anyone knows if they do have a website for their handmade birdhouses let me know. Otherwise you can find them at the OC MarketPlace in Costa Mesa, California.

St. Patrick’s Day Festival at the Orange County Market Place

Aniar Irish Dancers Orange County Marketplace

Aniar Academy of Irish Dance at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival – Orange County Market Place

I took this photo earlier today at the OC MarketPlace swap meet in Costa Mesa, during the 5th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival. The event is held in the Swap Meet, next to the center food/restaurant building. As usual, the Marketplace was alive with vendors and shoppers.

The Market Place is nice, but today the entertainment was an extra treat. My only complaint would be the location of the stage. The area for spectators was small and limited. These entertainers were great, especially the dancers from the Aniar Academy, so the small area was not big enough to accommodate all those in attendance. Hopefully next year they can give them a bigger stage and viewing area.

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