Big Red Balloon at the OC Great Park

OC Great Park

Big Red Balloon at the OC Great Park

I really don’t like heights, especially if the only thing holding me and a dozen others from flying away is a steel cable! But I must admit, the balloon ride at the OC Great Park is a lot of fun, oh and it also helps that it’s free. Have I mentioned I like free stuff? 🙂 Plus the park is a nice place to take unique photos.

The wait on the weekends can be a little long, but not during the week, that’s fairly quick. I didn’t keep time, but you’re up there for about 10-15 minutes. More than enough time to take pictures and look for your tiny home if you live near there.

On a clear day, I’ve seen Catalina Island and the downtown LA buildings. My next time up will probably be at sunset, maybe this summer.

The Lion water fountain at the Irvine Spectrum

The lion water fountain at the Irvine Spectrum.

With all the current rain here in Southern California, I can’t wait for it to dry up! When visiting the Spectrum, the only water I want to see is the one pouring out of the lions mouth!

Hope you like today’s photo, I took it while waiting for my wife to come out of a store. I’m not much into shopping so I tend to wait outside, along with the rest of the husbands. 😉 Other than eating, watching a movie or ice skating, if your not into shopping, there’s not much for you.

Correction, I could have gone on the ferris wheel…no I’m scared of heights!

Ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum

Ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum

Large Ferris Wheel at night, Irvine Spectrum. Taken with a Canon Powershot G12.

I’m not one for shopping, so it’s funny how my wife and I love going to the spectrum. But I ever recall purchasing anything there except food or ice cream! Anyways, we like it, lots to do throughout the year, movies, ice skating during the holidays and live music.

Ice Skating at the Irvine Spectrum

Irvine spectrum ice skating rink

Only in Southern California can one go ice skating in shorts! Taken at the ice rink at the Irvine Spectrum. If you’re in the area why not take some time off of shopping or work and do some ice skating at the Irvine Spectrum? Bring your knee pads. Oh and maybe some ice skating pants too, it does get chilly at night!;-)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Irvine merry-go man!

merry-go round man

The man on the merry-go round is smiling. He knows tomorrow after everyone eats their Thanksgiving dinner, the families with lots of kids will be out shopping at the Irvine Spectrum spending their hard earned money on black Friday sales and rides on his circular machine!

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