Sledding in Big Bear

sledding in Big Bear

Sledding in Big Bear

According to ABC’s Channel 7 Live Mega Doppler 7000 HD Super Duper Spectacular Mega Monster weather forecast (sorry, one has to laugh at the name they give it), the current storm in southern California will bring snow to the local mountains including Big Bear.

Grilling hot dogs in the snow at Big Bear

cooking hot dogs in the snow

Have you ever grilled hot dogs in the snow? We did! Big Bear is a perfect place to visit one of their parks and fire up the grill. Don’t forget to bring your burgers and a sled too! 😉

Big Bear and the other local mountains in southern California are perfect places to play in the snow. Plan ahead and spend a day shopping, snowboarding and barbecuing.

Pine trees at Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake Pine Trees

Have you ever walked up close to the pine trees in Big Bear Lake? I did! 🙂

It’s beautiful this time of year, recent snow, clean air, and of course tall pine trees! If you get a chance leave the smog in LA and take a drive up and see for yourself. However, be sure to check the weather conditions first!

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