City of Orange Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

Christmas Holiday

19th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Candlelight Choir Procession

Each year the City of Orange has a Christmas tradition that brings thousands of people to the Orange Plaza. The north east corner is converted into a stage for the choir and one of the trees is decorated with lights. The Tree Lighting Ceremony is always a hit with the locals and many who come from outside of Orange as well.

It was a cold evening, which made it seem more appropriate to buy some coffee or food from the local vendors. My wife and I arrived just before the actual ceremony started, but the festivities had already been going on for several hours. The entire Orange Plaza is closed off and only foot traffic is allowed.

If you didn’t arrive early, finding a chair was difficult, it was a standing room (plaza) situation. The photo below was what most people were doing.

taking pictures with a cell phone

Parking was a challenge, but we managed to find some at the local nearby library. Overall, it was a cold but fun night.

Ramon Ambriz

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