Duck-A-Thon at the Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier

The 19th Annual Duck-A-Thon Festival at the Huntington Beach Pier. (Purchase photo)

Earlier today my wife and I attended the annual Duck-A-Thon event at the HB Pier. It’s a three day local fundraiser for the Huntington Beach Community Clinic. Instead of holding a raffle, the organizers sell little yellow rubber ducks for as little as $10, up to several hundred dollars each.

Today several thousand rubber ducks, with the name and number of the person who purchased it, were dumped over the side of the Huntington Beach Pier. As the tide pushes them ashore, the first 60 rubber ducks will win a prize for their owners! This is a much better way to hold a fundraiser, a twist from the regular raffles we often see.

My wife and I purchased a duck, but we left prior to all the ducks coming in, so we’re not sure if our duck was a champ! It was a fun day, the event isn’t over yet, they’ll do it again tomorrow, but this time the ducks purchased by companies will make the plunge.

If you missed this event, don’t forget to visit our partner site for weekly Orange County Deals and events similar to this one.

Ramon Ambriz

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  • That’s fun!

  • Looks like fun and for a good cause too, but I worry about the rubber in the ocean if they don’t get back to shore.

    • Ray

      They had several dozen volunteers picking up the ducks as they came to shore. All ducks are picked up, none are allowed to stay in the ocean. I too had that concern, but then when I saw how they did it, it all made sense.

  • Wow this looks like fun, what a great way to raise some money. Do you get to keep your duck?

    • Ray

      Yes, after the event each rubber duck is sorted by ID number and the owners can pick up their ducks. I agree, its a fun way to raise money.

  • Yes! I had to check this post out to assure myself that these were indeed little yellow duckies. What a fantastic idea!

  • Hah! What a great idea. Sure makes for a fascinating shot when they all tumble over the edge.

    • Ray

      Yes, that’s what I thought. Surprisingly most of the photographers were up on the pier taking pictures up close, I thought this angle would be more interesting.

  • This was a better angle! I love the waterfall of ducks and the action and movement of it! This photo really tells the story. I never want to be in a gang of photographers getting the same photos. That’s boring.

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