House on Stilts – an East LA landmark?

dodds circle

House on stilts – 1219 Dodds Circle in Boyle Heights/City Terrace area of East Los Angeles.

My parents have lived in Boyle Heights for over 35 years and this home on stilts is within eyesight of their front yard. I don’t know when it was built or if it was there when my parents moved to the neighborhood, but as a young kid I recall this home being there.

The home on 1219 Dodds Circle was made famous when it was showcased in the 1995 Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino film Heat. The back side, which faces west, must have spectacular views of the Los Angeles skyline. Although I’m not sure how safe I would feel knowing that my home is held up by only 5 steel rods! Either way it’s an interesting home, it’s almost like an East LA landmark…well unofficially.

Want to see how it looks from the base? Check it out on Google Street View, be sure to move the camera up!

Any other local residents want to add there knowledge of this home on stilts? If so leave a comment below!

  • I imagine that when you’re used to seeing this you aren’t scared anymore!

  • Dallana

    i saw it for the first time today and i have lived in LA my whole life i was amazed, and there are people living there.

  • Jade

    My family lived in this home for some years in the 80’s.
    They use to have a huge tropical fish tank, there was a pretty large earthquake in the 80’s, I was 3 or 4 and I remember seeing the city lights sway back and forth (it was probably the house swaying!) and I distincly remember the fish tank water coming out of the tank! Memories! haha Now a family friend lives there. I think of this house often. thanks for the post.

    • Ray

      Thanks Jade for the comment. It’s great to hear from someone who actually spent time in this home!

  • phil

    I saw this house every day taking the bus from city terrace to Wilson High School. I remember when It was first built you couldn’t take your eyes off of it. At the time I thought that’s how they were going to build houses from that time on, kind of like space age houses. I guess after all these years I’m a little surprised to see it’s still standing after all the earthquakes that have happened since it was first built.

  • Jennifer Housholder

    I lived in this house with my Mom and stepdad, Mark Candelaria, from about 1989 to 1993. My stepdad owned it for years, and it was a duplex until about 1991 when my mother and us kids moved in. Mark tore down a wall in a hallway that separated the two sides. It was amazing living in the house, the views were spectacular, on a clear day you could see to Catalina. and usually the Long Beach bridge was in view. During the La Riots, I could see the whole damn city burning which was pretty scary. My brother and I used to “Ski” down the hill underneath the house using 2×4’s. We always had bullet proof shields under our beds in case anyone partying underneath shot upwards, which was pretty common especially on New Years Eve. Mark owned the house during the filming of Heat and they remodeled the kitchen and living room for free and he got paid in addition to that. It was scouted for other movies as well, but Heat was the most famous. Mark moved out in 1998 when he and my Mom moved to Glendale, the area was just too dangerous. The house was on the market for years and sat vacant, but it finally sold in 2000. Every time I pass it, I think of how I used to pretend to be a princess on the terrace over looking “my city.”

    • Ken

      I live on the flat prairies of Western Canada, are those support stilts made of wood or steel?

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