Metal detectors at Huntington Beach

metal detectors Huntington Beach

Metal detectors at Huntington Beach – “Finders Keepers Losers Weepers”

Do you ever notice those people with metal detectors at parks and beaches? I see them all the time and often wonder what they find. But more so, I envy them. Why? Because it reminds me of being a child and the excitement of a treasure hunt! We all remember the phrase “finders keepers, losers weepers”!

As a kid I remember digging a hole in the backyard, placing some coins then covering it up. I would then write a treasure map with exact steps and diagram showing where the “treasure” was located. The plan was to wait several months or years then use the map to find the treasure. Of course as most are impatient, it was only a few minutes or hours after creating the map that I went out to find the lost treasure. 😉

So I guess for the metal detector people I see at the beach, its the same enjoyment. It’s probably not what you find, but the act of searching for the unknown “treasure” we all dreamed about as a child.

Ramon Ambriz

Ramon has been an avid photographer for over 20 years. He runs and contributes to several photography sites including,  Coolest-Travel-Pictures and OCPix. His main expertise is in advertising and online marketing but photography has always remained a top priority.

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