Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier

Night lights

Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier

A couple of nights ago I took a walk over to the Santa Monica Pier, more specifically to Pacific Park. On a clear night this place looks awesome, almost like a movie set.

Although I’ve been here many times, this was the first time capturing it with my new DSLR. Viewing this place through a viewfinder allowed me to see things I hadn’t seen before. Like the vibrant color combination of the Ferris Wheel with the facade’s of the buildings.

It was a cold out, yet a few locals and tourists were still out enjoying the night. For taking pictures it was the perfect amount of people, not to crowded but also not empty. Because I didn’t want to use my flash to any of the images, most of the pictures were either handheld or placed on a post or table to capture a long exposure.

Below are two additional pictures worth sharing.

On a sad note, today we learned that Heull Howser from the popular PBS show California’s Gold passed away. For those of us living in California, he explored local spots in our own cities and taught us how to appreciate this wonderful state. His positive attitude made everything and everyplace he visited so much more interesting. He will be missed.


Nacho is a car nut, constant traveler and photo contributor. Currently using a Nikon D5100 DSLR. "I'm not a pro, I just take pictures like one!"

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