Quonset Hut on Broadway & 9th in Santa Monica

Quonset Hut on Broadway & 9th in Santa Monica

Earlier today while doing my rounds in Santa Monica, I came upon this little old rusty hut standing eye to eye against the surrounding apartment building that was built around it. According to Curbed LA, the developer built an apartment building with 97 units around the steel hut.

Not sure if the quonset hut has been in Santa Monica for some time, but according to some quick online research, these were produced in the early days of World War II, so I’m guessing it yes. I’m not sure exactly why it held out to the big developers, but visually it catches the eye to anyone who drives through this intersection.

Currently the hut is some type of cafe or something, I’m really not sure. Next time I’m in the area I’ll stop by and take a closer look. Funny how you’ll find interesting sights in your neighborhood if you stop and pay attention!


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  • Julie

    Excellent, Ramon. Good to have you and your blog, and your other bloggers on the City Daily Photo portal. Would you like to join in our Theme Day which is running via the portal right now? Also would you please obtain a copy of our logo, and place it in your side-bar. Much appreciated.

    • RayAdmin

      Thanks Julie. Yes I had already added the logo for the City Daily Photo site earlier today. Its on the lower right side of my site. As for the Theme Day, I’ll see if I can capture something with that theme. Thanks again!

  • Javier Vidaurre

    The Quonset hut was on this corner for years when the lot was a hardware/building supply type store.
    It sat near the center of the lot.

  • judith

    That Quonset hut has quite a history. I am the child of the original owner. My Dad was quite a character ,and owned and operated his hardware store for decades. I even have pictures of the crane placing the quonset hut on the cement slab.

    • John Ismay

      Hi Judith! I’m a reporter at KPCC 89.3FM covering military and veterans issues. Could I talk with you sometime about your dad’s Quonset Hut?

      • Judith Rosen

        Sorry about the delay in getting back to you John. And in answer to your question yes.

        • John Ismay

          Thanks so much! Would you please send me a note at john.ismay@scpr.org with your phone number and a good time to call you?

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