Surfer At The Water’s Edge in Huntington Beach

A surfer at the waters edge in Huntington Beach

They say we came from the sea and well…all that stuff, but I know that certain people are drawn religiously to the ocean.  They’ll skip out on school, work and sometimes even family. They’re called surfers. They are drawn to the water’s edge and beyond.

I capture lot’s of photos that include surfers, mostly in Huntington Beach. Each have their own ritual as they prepare to enter the water. Most stretch at the beach and spend a little time looking at the waves to see how they plan to surf it.

But there is one thing many surfers always do. They pause momentarily at the waters edge right before they enter. As if to say, “I’m committing to this and there’s no turning back, so I might as well do my best and have fun”.

Perhaps it’s something most of us should do before we take on a large job, task or project. If you’re going to do something, do it right and have fun doing it.

Photo above was taken on the south side of the Huntington Beach pier. It’s also part of the City Daily Photo theme day The Waters Edge gallery for November.

Ramon Ambriz

Ramon has been an avid photographer for over 20 years. He runs and contributes to several photography sites including,  Coolest-Travel-Pictures and OCPix. His main expertise is in advertising and online marketing but photography has always remained a top priority.

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  • Kim

    Nice to see your shot from the pier looking down for today’s theme day. I grew up in the area and still visit frequently. Hey, were you aware that City Daily Photo associated blogs are supposed to pick just one city for their blog title rather than a region? In the past Orange County Daily Photo was left out of the portal and another one from Orange County just changed it’s name to the city the blogger lived in (Aliso Viejo Daily Photo) to stay in the group. The rule is still stated in the new portal, but I don’t know if anyone’s checking on it anymore. Just a heads up about the understanding. Good to see your shots from “home.”


    • RayAdmin

      Kim, thanks for visiting. I’m going to address your concerns about our site. was created prior to joining the City Daily Photo portal. When we joined in late 2010 (yes, we’ve been members for 2 years now), the site was accepted by the moderators. Then a couple of weeks ago we were again added to the new version of the portal.

      As for the other two sites you mention, OCDP was a good site but hasn’t updated in close to a year and the other I never heard of and could not find it online, but would love to see it. But that’s beside the point, if one of them chose to change the name, that is their choice. We cannot change our name and wouldn’t even consider it.

      Finally, the CDP Portal doesn’t call the requirements you mention as “rules”, but rather “guidelines”. So I’m assuming they felt our photos and information was valuable enough to include it on their site.

      I really do appreciate you taking a look at SoCalDailyPhoto, although I feel you would prefer we not be on the CDP portal, although I hope that is not the case. 🙂

      • Kim

        Oh, absolutely not. I’m very glad you are here, so sorry to give that impression. I just know that several regional blogs were asked to localize to a city in the past. Not knowing your history on the old portal, I thought you were new and just giving a heads up. Like I said, it’s very good to see shots from home and I’m happy you’re here. The more the merrier. Cheers. -Kim

  • Great photo, and perfect of Theme day.

  • Shantaram

    Great thought and a great angle for the picture. Love it.

  • tanya breese

    cool shot!

  • Ali @

    I love the perspective on this one – great photo!

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