Brazilian Carnaval Club Nokia Downtown LA

Mardi Gras Dancers

Brazilian Carnaval World Cup at the Club Nokia in Downtown LA

This past weekend, Brazilian Nites hosted the annual Brazilian Carnaval at the Club Nokia in Downtown LA. I was there with a large group of friends, plus I had a special pass to photograph the event.

Later this year, I’ll be heading down to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup so this was a good warm up for me. I really loved the music, colors and all the dancing. The night was full of nonstop energy. And being able to photograph it for SocalDailyPhoto was a special treat.

In addition to the photo above, we added a full gallery of pictures from that night at our main photo site OCPix in the events section. If you were there that night you might want to look through them all, chances are you might see yourself!

Dancers at the Brazilian Carnaval 2011 Los Angeles

Los Angeles Brazilian Carnaval 2011 Nokia

Dancers at the Brazilian Carnaval 2011 – Los Angeles Club Nokia

Going on it’s 11th year, the Brazilian Carnaval explodes with music, dance and an array of costumes. The event takes place at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. The atmosphere has a unique “Carnival” feel, with traditional Samba dancers and Capoeira, the traditional Afro Brazilian Martial Art dance show.

Carnaval, is the annual celebration before Lent, and is the most famous holiday in Brazil. The country stops completely for about a week and festivities are 24 hours a day! Now that’s the way to throw a party. 🙂 This is my second year attending the Los Angeles version of this event and I’m sure it wont be the last.

Because of the fast and constant movements by the Samba dancers above, it makes it very difficult to take non-blurred photos with a traditional compact camera as seen above. However, in this case it worked perfectly, giving the image a sense of movement.

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