Kyle LeDuc 99 at the Grand Prix of Long Beach

Long Beach Grand Prix

Kyle LeDuc at Long Beach Grand Prix

Last weekend the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach was in full swing and @crna6pk and and I spent the day photographing all the cool cars and special events. Early in the morning, from the Pike parking structure, we noticed Lyle LeDuc rounding one of the corners with his truck pretty mangled up. But from the photo above you can see he was still able to drive it with no problems.

The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach keeps getting better and better each year, you never really know who you’ll run into. For example, on Friday I was able to get a nice shot of Alfonso Ribeiro and Robert Patrick for my OCPix instagram account.

Both Alfonso and Robert were part of the Celebrity Race on Saturday, in fact, Alfonso went on to win that race for the 3rd time.

Overall, it’s a fun weekend that I look forward to each year.

International Tower at Long Beach during the Grand Prix

circular building

International Tower in Long Beach

If you’ve ever been to Long Beach, I’m sure you’ve noticed this round building. It’s located on the corner of E. Ocean Blvd and Shoreline Dr, 700 E Ocean Blvd to be exact. The building is called the International Tower, why it’s called that I don’t know but you can visit their site for more info on it’s history.

For us locals it has always been that “round building”. I didn’t know the actual name of it until I researched it for this article. I took the picture this past weekend as I was attending the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

In fact you can see people having racing parties on the balconies. Click on the image to see the larger image.

I was there Saturday with my wife for the Grand Prix Celebrity Race and from the grandstand this building was literally overlooking the southwest side of the course. The views must be excellent for such an event.

Like to take a closer look? See an aerial view from google maps.

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