Pigeon Drinking from a Water Faucet at the Huntington Beach Pier

Pigeon drinking from a water faucet at the Huntington Beach Pier

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While walking along the Huntington Beach Pier, everyone was admiring the ocean and clear sky. Me? I was carefully watching a pigeon drinking water out of a faucet!

It was another warm day at the beach in Southern California and while taking a walk on the pier I noticed two pigeons sitting on a sink (created for the fisherman on the pier) trying to drink water out of a faucet. Normally it wouldn’t have caught my attention, except for the bright red/orange eye.

For those interested in the details on the camera setting used to take this shot, here it is.  f/5.6, 1/1000th sec, ISO 160, 120mm focal length (180mm in 35mm focal length). I used a Nikon D7000 with a 80-200mm 2.8 AF-D.

Close up of a pigeon with an attitude!

Pigeons in California

This pigeon didn’t like me taking its picture!

Earlier today at the Rainbow Harbor Marina in Long Beach, I was surrounded by these common grey pigeons. Most people see them as a nuisance as they litter the areas with bird droppings. I noticed one with a particular “swagger” to him/her.

I waited a few minutes until it was facing me at the right moment and with the green grass in the background I snapped up a few quick photos. These birds are constantly moving their heads so it wasn’t easy to shoot it.

However, this particular bird looked at me with a glare that could kill. It had an attitude and it almost seemed to charge me as I snapped the last image. Perhaps it was a little camera shy? Maybe I should ask the birds for permission before I take the picture! 🙂

The photo above is a tight crop, I wasn’t sure which to use. Here is the other version of the pigeon in the grass. I shot it wide open at f/2.8, which was a mistake. In the larger version the body and legs are out of focus, this was why I opted for close up (even though the birds bill is also a little out of focus).

Shot with a Nikon D7000 and Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D ED lens.

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