Street Performer Nailed it in Huntington Beach

Street performer Huntington Beach

Street performer pulls a nail from his nostril as spectators react.

Whether you go for a walk at the Huntington Beach Pier or lay out at the beach, as you approach the pier, you’ll likely run into a street performer that literally nails it. I’ve been going to the HB Pier often for many years now and have always seen the crowd gather around this man that performs this act of hammering a nail into his nostrils. Normally I walk right past it and find something else to photograph, but today I watched.

I don’t know what was more interesting, a man nailing and then pulling the nail out of his nose with a pair of pliers or the reaction of the people as he did it. Not sure if it’s all a trick or he’s really doing it, but the crowd gasped and were overall very entertained.

These type of street performers are a very special breed. I couldn’t do it. But in some ways, they fill a need that the people want even though they may not know they want it.

Man Playing a Violin a the Huntington Beach Pier

Street performer

Man playing a violin at the Huntington Beach Pier in Orange County

You can find a full resolution copy of this photo here.

In another warm day, a man plays a violin as the crashing sounds of the waves echo behind him in Huntington Beach. I’ve seen all types of musicians at the pier, from a banjo player to a one-man band with an alien. No matter what day of the week it is, there’s always something new. That’s probably why I like spending so much time here.

The HB Pier is always a nice walk, much nicer than the other big pier in LA. Perhaps it’s because HB feels more like a beach town. Volleyball, surfing, music, it can all be found here just steps away from the pier.

I like going during the week, early morning or sunsets are the best. For entertainment or a leisurely walk on the pier, mid-day is just fine. Take your time, look at the surfers, seagulls or the crazy stuff people do on the beach. You won’t be disappointed.

There are tons of events throughout the year, so it really doesn’t matter when you visit. For surfers though, it’s the US Open of Surfing, and that’s a big one. The crowds are huge.

Guitarist on the first day of summer in Huntington Beach

1st day of summer

Guitarist on the first day of summer in Huntington Beach

Today was the first day of summer and I headed out to Huntington Beach. The crowds were large and the breeze was cool. It was a picture perfect day. While walking on the pier, this musician was doing his thing for the crowd.

Whether you’re a good musician or not, it takes some level of confidence to play out in the open for strangers. I couldn’t do it, but then again I’m not that good either.

Either he had just started or wasn’t that good, because when I dropped money into his case it was empty. I’d like to think he was on his first song of the day. Either way, it was the beginning of his set and also the beginning of the summer. Hope he does better as the months go on.

Singer Amy May at Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade

Santa Monica 3rd St Promenade

Amy May singing for the public at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Promenade on 3rd Street is lined with shops, restaurants and some very talented people. Amy May is one of those street performers that always draws a large crowd.

I don’t head out to Santa Monica too often, most of the photos taken in this area for SoCalDailyPhoto is Nacho, but not this time! With my camera in hand, I was ready to capture something cool.

But wait I wasn’t alone, Nacho met up with me after he got off work and we went on a short photo walk that included the park along Ocean Ave and the famous Santa Monica Pier.

The crowds were unusually large, not sure if it was the nice weather or due to spring break. Not only was the pier packed, so was the beach itself.

The highlight of the day was listening to Amy May. I’ve added a second photo below. Can you guess why I didn’t add it as the main photo? Yup, the eyes were closed. It seemed she likes singing with her eyes closed, most of the photos I took of her were this way. Oh well, maybe next time.
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Aliens invade the Huntington Beach Pier

aliens visit Huntington Beach

Aliens invade the Huntington Beach Pier!

Well maybe not real aliens, but he sure looked like he came from another planet! Of course I’m referring to the small monster holding the performers tip can.

This was the perfect weekend to be outdoors and I took advantage of it. With temperatures in the upper 70’s at the beach and in the 90’s inland, it was an easy choice…the beach! While taking some surfing photos before the NSSA National Open at the Huntington Beach Pier, I noticed this street performer playing a guitar and drums at the same time. However it was his little alien friend that won the audience over.

I got down low to the floor and captured this visitor from mars and his side-kick guitar player. 😉 I’m so excited summer is finally arriving in Southern California, seems the best photo opts come out this time of year.

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