Taking a picture of bird in mid flight with my Nikon D7000

Huntington Beach

Photographing a bird in mid-flight with my Nikon D7000

Capturing an image of a bird in flight may be easy for most bird photographers, however in the past I’ve had trouble taking one that resulted in a sharp picture. This time, with the image above, I had luck and timing on my side.

I was able to accomplish it by steadily panning the camera and keeping my AF setting on continuous mode and having a high shutter speed. These were my camera settings:

  • ISO 200
  • f/7.1
  • 1000/sec
  • 200mm focal length (with the D7000 crop factor it was like shooting at 300mm)
  • Plus my shutter drive speed was set to C/h
I actually fired 4 shots, this was one of the better ones.

Once at home, looking over the image, I was so happy that it was sharp and in focus! Sure it’s not the best, but for me it’s a keeper!

I was using a  Nikon D7000 and my 80-200mm 2.8AF D lens. Image was taken next to the Huntington Beach Pier. You can click on the image to see it larger.

Ramon Ambriz

Ramon has been an avid photographer for over 20 years. He runs and contributes to several photography sites including OCSurfPix.com,  Coolest-Travel-Pictures and OCPix. His main expertise is in advertising and online marketing but photography has always remained a top priority.

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