The bolo at the baptism

bolo at baptism

The “Bolo” tradition at baptism celebrations

This weekend I attended a special celebration, the baptism of my niece. Only 11 months old, could she understand what was about to happen? Perhaps not, but years later when she looks back at photos/video of the event, she’ll see that a hundred of her closest family and friends came to celebrate this religous and cultural event.

My wife and I where chosen the “padrinos” (godparents), and as such, along with several traditional obligations, one stands out as a declining ritual, the throwing of the bolo (coins) to the children attending the celebration. That’s me above throwing coins as the kids pick them up.

So why a bolo and what does it represent? To tell you the truth, I was not exactly sure. Probably the reason I added a photoshop filter to the image, making it a little mysterious.

I discovered an interesting article by Prof. Bill Maurer from the Deptartment of Anthropology at UC Irvine. The article Babtism: An insight into money and religion gives a nice insight of the bolo tradition.

Much like the article I too asked people I knew what it represented? The answers were mixed. Like most traditions, we may never know it’s true meaning. But I will say this, the kids had lots of fun!

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